Linda Del Monte
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"Linda's warm engaging manner and her attentiveness to the needs of each student make for a very specialized individualized approach. Her encouraging supportive manner allows each student to work towards his or her potential. Linda is a serious yoga practitioner who consistently studies and works toward her own development, and generously shares her experiences in these endeavors.

I have worked with other instructors over the years and have found Linda to be absolutely the most devoted and reliable teacher. I know that I will leave her class feeling energized and more focused, as well as more in tune with my body. She has demonstrated an ability to work with a range of groups differing in age and experience."

"Linda is always bright, cheery, open-hearted and graciously welcoming to both the old-timers and those new to the class.

Her class provides an even blend of asanas and breath work, yet Linda always remains receptive to the class's particular interests and deftly integrates it all. For each asana her words of direction are concise and clear to follow. I particularly appreciate how she helps me to focus not only on the outward posture but the inward posture (attitude) too. The quality of Linda's voice and the music she plays both add an ethereal quality to the classes."

"Linda's yoga classes are always different and surprising in ways that make the practice interesting and expansive. Her knowledge and experience are evident in the way she spontaneously tailors a class to meet her students' needs that day.

Learning about breathing, massaging the face, head, feet (with those rubber balls), stretching deeply into targeted areas help me learn more and push out the boundaries of my practice. I feel like I've traveled far after each class."

"Linda's life-affirming vision encourages all her students to discover the intrinsic goodness and creativity within themselves, providing the opportunity for a wonderfully transformational experience to unfold in each and every class."

"Classes I've taken with Linda have a beautiful and organic organization that she improvises on the spot, responding to the needs, strengths and mood of a given class on a given day. She incorporates the compassion of her Kripalu training with the integrity and structure of an Anusara practice to give a class that is both challenging and nurturing. As someone who has been a yoga student since 1999 her experience with and love for yoga permeates her teaching and her classes. Students of all levels will find something to love in Linda-- I certainly have!"

Kripalu, Anusara ~ Group and Private Classes